Posted on: October 6, 2008 11:53 am

Colts 2-2 after escaping with a Win from Texans..

The Colts improve there record to 2-2 after pulling one out in the fourth quater against the Texans.

With this being said the Colts need to play the whole game instead of the first two possesions and they last one of the game. The Colts are a very good team still on offense, and on defense without Bob. They proved that they can hussle to the ball the last 4 mins of the game against Houston. Hopefully against the Ravens the Colts will play the whole game instead of just 10 mins of it. I still belieave in this Defense with or without Bob. Going into the game vs. the Ravens coach Dungy will put some things together to make this Defense come out in play like the Colts did last year...

Has anyone else read on the boards that the Colts are a fluke and that they won't make the playoffs and that Eli is way better the Peyton??? Come on now I know I'm aa Colts fan but I can tell you tat Eli is playing better then Peyton but he isn't better then him. The Colts will make the playoffs.... 

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