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Posted on: November 24, 2008 2:09 pm

Colts 7-4 after kicking a FG as time Expired

The Colts are now on a 4 game winnning streak. Many people still doesn't think this team is good enough to wint he SuperBowl but I have to disagree with you. This team is getting hot when they ned to be. They have most of there timing down still a little off but as the we3eks go on as I postedin the other Blogs they will get it all together come playoff time.

Manning last night against the Chargers didn't throw 6 INTs but he did have one however this was still a great game he played. That INT was the only mistake he had all night. He had a great play call on 4th and inches that he play action then got the first down to Marvin Harrison.

Running the ball the last two games looked alot better then all of the season. John Madden poiinted out thtat the Cotls are running alot of shotgun formation so it will be hard to run the ball consist until the do dingle back formation. Good point John but even witht he shot gun the Colts still managed to run for 91 yards. This isn't alot but for the defense we were playing this is huge..


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